2116800 liquidity top-up


Proposal Name: 2116800 liquidity top-up
Owner: walkjivefly
Cost: 2026 BLOCK + 10 BLOCK proposal fee = 2036 BLOCK
Voting: vote 23737e1f5d2078c020b53d1f6e5061ca730e4f927884cc4f5f63f8360ba65aa9 yes

This proposal is to save unused superblock funds into the BlockDX liquidity(/community) multisig wallet

Adding liquidity and volume to BlockDX in a meaningful way is more complicated than simply adding liquidity to an automated market maker (AMM) liquidity pool. We have spent the following amounts so far on preparation/pre-requisite tasks:

  • @Riku was paid 1439.85 BLOCK for work on trading bot pre-reqs
  • @fazer was paid 1000 BLOCK to offset his passing proposal in superblock 2073600 which was not paid due to oversubscription in that superblock
  • @tryou was paid 520 BLOCK for ongoing bot operations to maintain the volumes we need to retain existing (CoinGecko, CoinPaprika) and achieve new (CoinMarketCap) aggregator listings.

There are other things which need to be done to increase BlockDX liquidity and volume. Some of them are known, some are unknown. There are ongoing discussions about professional market making and marketing related to these objectives. Possibly (some or all of the) funds for these activities will come from the BlockDX liquidity multisig wallet.

This proposal aims to capture the currently unallocated funds for superblock 2116800, while they are available, so they may be used for related purposes in the future.