2160000 blocknetmonitor2


Proposal Name : 2160000 blocknetmonitor2
Proposal hash : eb923882a065c5b8f39df826c29427f48e3de0f464b5365fcb91e4879a38a757
Voting : In QT wallet or on command line
Yes : blocknet-cli vote eb923882a065c5b8f39df826c29427f48e3de0f464b5365fcb91e4879a38a757 yes
No : blocknet-cli vote eb923882a065c5b8f39df826c29427f48e3de0f464b5365fcb91e4879a38a757 no
Owner : walkjivefly
Cost : 1000 BLOCK

Previous Work :

Overview : Since launching Blocknet Monitor some months ago I have been gradually improving and extending the functionality and performance, culminating in the release of v0.2.0 which is now deployed on https://blocknetmonitor.com/

The main changes in this release are

  • use of SQLite3 database for past proposals, past orders and servicenodes. This provides substantial performance improvements for past proposals and past orders and lots of new functionality for servicenode information including DX and XR(SPV) wallets, XRouter services, XCloud services and trade/fees stats
  • more inter-page links to simplify use on mobile devices
  • automatic refresh of main and open orders pages
  • improvements to proposals page
  • remove redundant code
  • all timestamps in UTC
  • various cosmetic improvements

This is good timing with the imminent demise of blockdx.co and the increase in interest in operating a servicenode. Operators and popcorn-lovers will especially like the trades and fees stats page which clearly shows past earnings over different time periods, and should encourage some competition to "climb the leaderboard".

The proposal is for 1000 BLOCK which will be HODL’d and get me a bit closer to a new servicenode. If the proposal passes I’ll push the latest code to my Github repo.

Enhancements and improvements will continue to be made on an ad-hoc basis, and when/if I feel enough has changed I might make a further proposal. The next enhancements will probably include the addition of a DeFi page and perhaps upgrading the frameworks to Bootstrap v4.