2203200 Integration automation infra


Proposal Name: 2203200 Integration automation infra
Owner: walkjivefly
Cost: 515 BLOCK + 10 BLOCK submission fee = 525 BLOCK total
Voting: vote 423b929d50f6f17f87865f3abda8b40750370f2740c97add80f93f6ba2846fc5 yes

This proposal has 2 elements:

  1. Infrastructure
  2. Testing resources

These expenses will be incurred before any actual coin integration or automation work is undertaken. As such, the BLOCK sought in this proposal will be sold (unlike my previous proposals) on BlockDX or elsewhere.

This proposal does not include any labour element. If the infrastructure is established I will work on the coin integration updates listed on this Trello board. I anticipate being able to devote about 20 hours per week to the project at a rate of €30 per hour and will seek compensation for the work, in arrears, from the next three superblocks.

I propose to hire 3 VPS from Contabo as infrastructure for coin integration and automation for a three month period, paid up-front. There will be one VPS-M to operate as a servicenode and two VPS-S to operate as trading wallets. Costs for this are
If the Docker image creation automation is completed then the infrastructure servers can be used to create and test coin images for easy deployment by servicenode operators.

The servers can be renewed or cancelled as appropriate a month before expiry.

Testing resources
I am asking for a “float” of €400 to be used to buy small amounts (around €5) of each of the coins currently on the integration update/testing list (there are 62 coins as of today). The funds will not be mine and once bought will forever remain in the testing wallets. Balances will be regularly reported.

€83.34 + €400 = €483
@ current Bittrex BLOCK/EUR rate (€0.938) = 515 BLOCK


how is this not duplicating what is already in place today?

The automation can build docker images from manifest.json updates or through 2 other sources (via github authorized users)


No-one in the wider community really knows what is already in place. I have asked through proposals for an explanation of what infra there is and what it’s used for and been ignored. More than once. I’ve asked for details of how to drive the existing automation and been pointed to dead/incomplete repositories, no workflows, no support. Yet there have been several (expensive, thousands of BLOCK) proposals in the past to build and implement such things.

I discussed this proposal with active participants before submitting. No-one said “hang on, we already have infrastructure you can use and here are the details”. What they said was “we should set up a network of VPS for dev/testing use” because they’re not satisfied with or not aware of whatever infra you maintain behind a veil of secrecy.

This is accurately priced and specified for a particular purpose: testing of updated coin wallets. It is all out in the open for scrutiny by the community. They can decide if the purpose is worthwhile, if the price seems reasonable. If they think it is then hopefully they’ll be prepared to pay for my time in actually using the infrastructure to test updated coin wallets. If I spend a month working on it and the community decides not to pay for my time then I’ll cancel the VPS renewals, hand over the login details and let someone else take over the job. The whole exercise will have cost the community about EUR100 plus a small kitty of assorted coins for testing trades which will be sat in wallets on one of the VPSs.

No black boxes, no “trust me, I’m a co-founder”. This is me practising what I preach, getting off my arse and doing something useful which can help the woefully slow and perpetually delayed adoption of Blocknet as the #1 blockchain interoperability protocol. Or I’m talking shit and the community can vote down the proposal.

While testing wallets I can run whatever automation there is to build new docker images since it seems we’re now favouring docker-based servicenode installations. And test them. Which hasn’t been happening since the previous OPS team were deposed.

I’ve been wanting to do this for many months but for personal reasons haven’t really had the time to dedicate to it, nor the infrastructure to run it on. I think I’ve got the necessary time now. But attempting to do it on my existing servicenode and in a couple of VMs on my laptop is impractical. Anyone who thinks otherwise is welcome to demonstrate how they manage it. And then the community can wonder why that person hasn’t actually done so before now since there has been a clear need for someone to drive this stuff for over a year.

If it’s really duplicating what is already in place today then please provide login details for 3 appropriately sized servers and I’ll use those instead. If you’ve got small bags of 60+ different coins for testing integrations maybe you can spare some for testing purposes?