2203200 sweeper


Proposal Name: 2203200 sweeper
Owner: walkjivefly
Cost: 3535 BLOCK + 10 BLOCK proposal fee = 3545 BLOCK
Voting: vote 8788f5730b0d5eba38d8427511511959ebcaded345fa7942723c5e2d9770f802 yes

This proposal is to save unused superblock funds into a new address in the BlockDX liquidity(/community) multisig wallet

It aims to capture the currently unallocated funds for superblock 2203200. There were two proposals rumoured to make an appearance to claim some/all of the leftovers but with only a couple of hours left until the proposal deadline they are cutting it fine and I don’t want to see any SB funds wasted.

The saved funds may be used for any/all of these:

  • professional market making
  • dxmakerbot
  • faucet website/other marketing
  • something else

If the market making, dxmakerbot, or other proposals are created before the deadline, please vote YES to them and NO to the sweeper.