2246400 coin integration OPS


Owner: walkjivefly
Cost: 2400 BLOCK
Voting: vote 25241fe0b0872eea71de7ba61716a7bf7c5a4bb214a7430b3d37119d12a363aa yes

This proposal seeks compensation for the coin integration (and other) work I am doing up to block 2246400. It is loosely based on:

  • 4 weeks per superblock at
  • 20 hours per week at
  • €30 per hour and
  • 1BLOCK=€1.

It is likely I will work rather more than 80 hours but the proposal price is fixed.

Work already completed since superblock 2203200 includes:

  • setting up 3 VPS (paid for in SB 2203200)for integration testing
  • setting up mainnet and testnet explorers

Work in progress at the time of proposal submission includes:

  • testing, tweaking and documenting integration and automation workflow
  • testing TBLOCK, TSYS testnet trades
  • testing latest SYS, PIVX, DASH, DOGE

Work queued and in progress is currently stored in a Trello board but this will be moved to a Github project board to give public visibility and accountability. I will also update this proposal with a bullet list of completed and in-progress items before the voting window closes.