2289600 coin integration


Proposal Name: 2289600 coin integration
Owner: walkjivefly
Cost: 2100 BLOCK
Proposal hash: d08f2956ced07d22306891ac6af696910606f235bbecf1b3899ecea8cb4a2774
Voting: vote d08f2956ced07d22306891ac6af696910606f235bbecf1b3899ecea8cb4a2774 yes

This proposal seeks compensation for the coin integration (and other) work I am doing up to block 2289600. It is loosely based on 3.5 weeks this superblock at 20 hours per week at €30 per hour and 1BLOCK=€1.

Work completed since superblock 2246400 includes:

  • testing TBLOCK, TSYS testnet trades
  • testing latest SYS, PIVX, DASH, MUE
  • removed obsolete coins including POLIS, IOP
  • contributed to multiple open Github issues
  • created Github repo with some utility scripts to simplify using the BlockDX liquidity (community) multisig wallet

Work in progress at the time of proposal submission includes:

  • further testing, tweaking and documenting integration and automation workflow
  • testing latest PHR, RVN, DOGE
  • syncing LBC
  • assisting with QA/testing of XRouter-JS

Work planned for the next period includes:

  • testing community requested coins Pandacoin, USBL, Oasis, Electra, Piacoin, Litecoin Finance, Zerozed. Rationale for prioritising these over others which need upgrading is that there is recent/current active interest in them
  • continue work on the list of coins needing updates

Work queued and in progress is currently stored in a Trello board. I had planned to migrate it to a Github project board to give public visibility and accountability but this was lower priority than integration work. We are considering making the Trello boards publicly visible instead.