2332800 coin integration


Proposal Name: 2332800 coin integration
Owner: walkjivefly
Cost: 2100 BLOCK
Voting: vote 6f35df280c400e33bc51c88b9bcc41fe3ff4c0d0ba85916c5d72f125e7b31dd5 yes

This proposal seeks compensation for the coin integration (and other) work I am doing up to block 2332800. It is loosely based on 2.5 weeks this superblock at 20 hours per week at €30 per hour and 1BLOCK=€0.70.

Work completed since superblock 2289600 includes:

  • screened and closed PRs for ZeroXed and Peercoin
  • updated SCC, UNO, BTC, PHR, RVN
  • removed CDZC and CNMC
  • temporarily removed LUX and XVG
  • implemented testnet trading support in exrproxy-env deployment scripts
  • updated the coin integration documentation and created workflow documentation for others to be able to replicate the process
  • SOLana research for XRouter integration

Work in progress at the time of proposal submission includes:

  • further improving integration and automation workflow and documentation in the light of actual end-user experience
  • testing latest PIVX, DOGE and DOGEC
  • assisting with QA/testing of XRouter-JS
  • triaging and clearing the backlog of community requested coins Pandacoin, USBL, Oasis, Electra, Piacoin, Litecoin Finance, Scalaris.

Work planned for the next period includes:

  • continue work on the list of coins needing updates
  • PolkaDot and Cardano XRouter integration research
  • assisting with XRouter enhancements/deployments