2332800 liquidity sweeper


Proposal Name: 2332800 liquidity sweeper
Owner: walkjivefly
Cost: 5595 BLOCK
Voting: vote cc5b79199438ad21315a6042658ed3bc5621d9b9308fa50f06273659ebb3f054 yes

This proposal seeks to save the "unclaimed" funds from superblock 2332800 as a "top-up" to the BlockDX liquidity multisig wallet. That wallet is about to have a zero balance as we pay Leo for ongoing liquidity bot development work. Without the top-up there will be no chance to continue the work beyond the middle of February, nor to run the bots which maintain the exchange volume at levels high enough to retain our Coinmarketcap and other aggregator listings.

Amount requested is 5585 BLOCK for the liquidity fund plus 10 BLOCK proposal fee which will be refunded to walkjivefly.

The history of the liquidity multisig wallet is here.


how long past February would that extend the liquidity?


That will depend on how we spend it. For only operating the existing bot it would give us about 9 months of operation. But we’re expecting to have to spend at least another $5k on bot development to achieve all the targets on https://github.com/orgs/blocknetdx/projects/10 so realistically this will probably get us one month of operation and one month of additional development.