2548800 sweeper


Proposal Name: 2548800 sweeper
Owner: walkjivefly
Cost: 14820 BLOCK
Voting: vote 30174b8306ff7f03062f77e53e15a7ff9d7d96d11b1cafe95e28cfd19481261b yes

This proposal seeks to save unrequested funds from SB 2548800 in the dedicated “Sweeper” address in the BlockDX liquidity(/community) multisig wallet. Unused SB funds do not roll over so we must collect them or “lose” them. “Losing” them in the current climate makes no sense.

If the proposal passes a maximum of 476 BLOCK will be earmarked for infrastructure (equivalent to $100 at $0.21 per BLOCK at time of writing). The remainder will be held for bounties, marketing, development or anything else deemed appropriate by the co-signers.

Amount requested is 14810 BLOCK for the sweeper fund, plus 10 BLOCK proposal fee to be repaid to walkjivefly (we haven’t worked out how to pay for proposals from a multisig address yet), for a total of 14820 BLOCK.

The history of the liquidity(/community) multisig wallet is here