2548800 walkjivefly-dev-testing


Proposal Name: 2548800 walkjivefly-dev-testing
Owner: walkjivefly
Cost: 2000 BLOCK
Voting: vote fde5d25444da1478a70c566b8e10588da4de98ef4243af8d0227696d18d560a3 yes

This proposal seeks compensation for my recent and continuing involvement in:

  • testing and developing XQuery/Hydra stuff,
  • testing and developing exrproxy-env stuff,
  • research,
  • (mostly servicenode operator) support in Discord

I’m asking for 2000 BLOCK for the current period, during which I have mostly worked on adding:

  • SYS(NEVM) support to the exrproxy-env builder.py, and
  • SYS payments options for the eth-payment-processor, plus
  • exrproxy (Hydra) SYS support.

The primary reason for these enhancements is to support use of XQuery by Pegasys DEX. If we can persuade Pegasys to switch from using the Graph to using XQuery we will hopefully become the indexer of choice for other dApps on the SYS NEVM blockchain.

(We are still some way off being able to deploy XQuery for AVAX or ETH, due to resource requirements and required performance optimisations)

An overview of my recent Github contributions: