2592000 sweeper


Proposal Name: 2592000 sweeper
Owner: walkjivefly
Cost: 20200 BLOCK
Voting: vote 1b3fd5c8db0c173c6ad965f5a986f4c580777c3a056283448160feb1000b7963 yes

This proposal seeks to save unrequested funds from SB 2592000 in the dedicated "Sweeper" address in the BlockDX liquidity(/community) multisig wallet. Unused SB funds do not roll over so we must collect them or "lose" them. "Losing" them in the current climate makes no sense. If the proposal passes the funds will be held for any suitable purpose including development, bounties, marketing, infrastructure or anything else.

Amount requested is 20190 BLOCK for the sweeper fund, plus 10 BLOCK proposal fee to be repaid to walkjivefly (we haven’t worked out how to pay for proposals from a multisig address yet), for a total of 20200 BLOCK.

The history of the liquidity(/community) multisig wallet is here.