86b 1296000


Proposal Name : 86b-1296000
Owner : 86b
Cost : 8030 BLOCK
Voting : mnbudget vote 6b918d79d76feb731a9966e0f124810210f9244fb83e26a53dae39c9d66b5ef4 yes/no

Various Dec-Jan tasks completed:

  • ETH and EOS-related tasks

    • ETH and EOS setup guides and related posts
    • Creation and testing of EOS Docker Image
    • Researching, testing and validating ETH Docker containers to fit Blocknet needs
    • Discussing best practices with EOS BP devs and investigating EOS release candidate errors and issues
    • Preliminary discussions and research related to testing and utilizing new state-history engine with EOS Amsterdam devs
    • Identified and overhauled ETH node related to Parity hard fork
    • Reorganized and formatted storage disks on test server to better fit ETH + EOS simultaneous needs
    • Stability testing on SPV ETH consensus-based calls and reviewing/documenting lockups and issues
    • Ongoing replay, syncing, and backing up of EOS chain
    • Monitoring ongoing geth upload to Blocknet S3 (upload being completed by Fattox)

  • Project forecasting, admin, community management, and strategy

    • Core Team strategic discussions
    • Contributing to development of roadmap
    • Community monitoring and admin-related tasks
    • Game-planned, advised, and helped implement vote-on-stake feature
    • Sharing and analyzing competitor research
    • gettradingdata assessment
    • CFA voting and spending sheet updates

  • Testing and v4.0.0 QA

    • Ongoing staking QA
    • Battle tested and verified voting cutoff periods
    • cli-based voting QA
    • ContentType= xbridge.conf entry testing
    • Proposal payout priority QA
    • Balances fix
    • Orphan handling fix
    • snode registration QA
    • snode offline handling
    • Unlock for staking
    • HD wallet handling and assessment
    • Reorganized and overhauled v4.0.0 environment due to chain issue on testnet
    • Proposal parsing fix
    • Vote-on-stake testing

  • Coin Integration and Testing

    • Configuration, testing, and coin updates
    • Genesis tests on prospective coin additions
    • Located and identified new feature to be added for blockchains with tx-comment fields
    • Retested and offered advice on best way to address BTC forks leveraging transactions requiring a forkid
    • Communicating with necessary projects regarding coin changes

The v4.0.0 release will still be a major focus for the Jan - Feb Superblock period as well as many tasks similar to those completed above in the previous period. Future goals include making a major push to both the Ethereum and EOS dev communities with regards to existing XRouter/XCloud services and also future XRouter/XCloud services based on developer feedback. My future and ongoing tasks will also include many of the following items:

  • v4.0.0 codebase testing.
  • XBridge, XRouter, and XCloud testing and QA.
  • Block DX UI QA.
  • Wallet/Client release QA.
  • Auto configuration (wizard) updates testing and QA.
  • Testing environments - Installation/config/maintenance/expansion of all relevant systems.
  • Other bug reporting, error tracking, and logging + any other relevant QA tasks with UAT/devs.
  • Partake in any BizDev/partnership discussions with potential partners.
  • Integration strategy - Including future platform investigation/testing within UAT (ETH, EOS and beyond).
  • Product analysis - Related to the areas both the above (external products) and below (our products). Discussions within the team on technical considerations.
  • Assisting in any efforts we make towards pushing awareness of Blocknet throughout the communities of our supported projects and partners, as well as towards fresh eyes, by working with new partners and influencers where advantageous. Co-marketing efforts may be taken up when deemed to be beneficial.
  • Collaborating on content creation for Blocknet’s Social Media, to aid in driving traffic to our site and community channels.
  • Collaborating on other developmental/marketing strategies and initiatives, with both the Strategy group and the team as a whole.
  • Collaborating on the creation and maintenance of documentation: EG Tutorials, resources, informative articles and other content, for both our community and a wider audience.
  • Collaboration and communication with current partners, delegates and other teams we work with.
  • Dealing with any necessary discussions and negotiations undertaken with any other potential partners and third-parties who would like to work with us. EG: Exchanges, dev teams and any other interested parties.
  • Communicating closely with content creators to arrange the creation of works (videos, podcasts, articles), focused on promoting Blocknet to the masses.
  • Coin Announcements lifecycle: from initial integration/QA to community/partner outreach and coordination of announcements/support. Creating ANN media.
  • Helping to support and promote the use of Block DX to communities that are integrated in to our protocol, both old and new. Using raffles, airdrops, tips (etc) as a way to enable people to try the DX using these small portions of BLOCK as trade-fees.
  • Support - Both within the community and also helping out partners who are interested in testing our products.

Any questions or concerns, feel free to ping me at any time!


Hey all - saw a bunch of Nays again on my proposal… any feedback regarding these would be greatly appreciated, thanks!