86b Superblock Proposal



Proposal Name: 86b-907200
Owner: 86b
Cost: 5010
Voting: Can be completed in the wallet’s proposal section or via the wallet debug console:

mnbudget vote 52e181d0aea03a975f4780ca0e12ff742474dd33f8cab0d8245fe3db71e4e129 yes/no
mnbudget vote-many 52e181d0aea03a975f4780ca0e12ff742474dd33f8cab0d8245fe3db71e4e129 yes/no

Previous and Ongoing Tasks:

  • New feature brainstorming and creation
  • Project strategy
  • Product analysis & strategy
  • Administrative tasks
  • Budget forecasting
  • Financial analysis
  • Support services
  • Integrations
  • Bug reporting, error tracking, and logging
  • Collaboration with other projects and teams
  • Exchange listings
  • New coin integration, confirming, and corresponding QA
  • Genesis testing
  • Exploit checks
  • Communicating with partners and project delegates
  • XRouter testing and QA
  • XRouter, XCloud, and XBridge theory
  • Block DX UI QA
  • Wallet release QA
  • Auto configuration testing and QA


Beyond my UAT-related tasks and services, as a Core Team member I work to fill any existing voids including marketing, strategy, administrative, community management, financial, and working & communicating with partners on behalf of the project as a whole.

My goal is to continue completing these tasks keeping the best interest of the Blocknet project, community, and service nodes in mind to help ensure the project’s future success and expansion.