A Guide to Proposals: Viewing, Voting, Creating


Final proposals for decision making and funding requests submitted to the network for voting.

As part of Blocknet’s self-governance, every 43,200 blocks (about every month) there is a Superblock where these proposals are voted on by active Service Nodes on the network. Superblocks are referred to by the block number that it occurs on (see list here). A maximum of 40,000 BLOCK can be created to fund passing proposals (see passing criteria).

View Proposals

  1. Select a subcategory to filter proposals for that Superblock period.
  2. Certain tags have been created to help inform the team’s opinion on a proposal based off working knowledge of the project and activities. Team refers to contributors that have been voted in by the Service Nodes.
    • team-approved means that there is unanimous approval of the proposal among the team.
    • team-opposed means that there is unanimous opposition of the proposal among the team.
    • If neither tag is present this indicates that the proposal has either not been reviewed within the team or the opinions are indifferent or not unanimous.
  3. If there are any questions about a proposal, such as missing details or clarifications needed, leave a reply on the thread for that proposal so it can be answered and others can see the response.

Vote on Proposal

Carefully review the proposals and follow these instructions to vote. See passing criteria.

Create Proposal

  1. It’s recommended to first submit a draft proposal (in Draft Proposals) to receive feedback from others in the community.
    • Update proposal with feedback if necessary.
  2. Post your final proposal.
    • Select the subcategory for the Superblock period you are submitting to.
    • Select New Topic to post a proposal.
    • Fill out the template with information on the proposal.
      • Proposal Name - The name of the proposal as it will be submitted to the network (18 character limit).
      • Owner - The name or party of who is responsible for working on this proposal. The person(s) should be involved in the creation of this proposal.
      • Cost - The amount of BLOCK being requested and the associated dollar if applicable.
      • Voting - The voting command: mnbudget vote [hash] yes/no
      • Previous Work - Previous work relevant to this proposal.
      • Overview - A description of the proposal and what it encompasses.
    • Submit the topic.
    • Shorten the URL of your topic using Bitly or other shortening service. This will be used in the following step.
  3. Submit the proposal to the network.
    • If using the classic wallet, follow these instructions.
    • If using the redesign wallet, select Proposals in the left menu and fill out the form.

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