About the Draft Proposals category


Draft proposals for providing and receiving feedback from others in the community before submitting to the network.

  1. Post your draft proposal as you would if it were a final proposal.
    • Select the subcategory for the Superblock period you are submitting to.
    • Select New Topic to post a proposal.
    • Fill out the template with information on the proposal.
      • Proposal Name - The name of the proposal as it will be submitted to the network (18 character limit).
      • Owner - The name or party of who is responsible for working on this proposal. The person(s) should be involved in the creation of this proposal.
      • Cost - The amount of BLOCK being requested and the associated dollar if applicable.
      • Previous Work - Previous work relevant to this proposal.
      • Overview - A description of the proposal and what it encompasses.
    • Submit the topic.
  2. Update the proposal with the received feedback if necessary.
  3. Submit a final proposal.