Additional Bitcoin v18 Migration Changes


For the upcoming migration to Bitcoin’s v18 basechain, there are some additional changes that need to be made:

  • Service Node registration will require an address with 5k BLOCK rather than a single 5k BLOCK input. This change is needed to allow Service Node collateral to be staked.
  • Service Node voting needs to be moved on-chain to prevent abuse and excessive network spam. Since voting is moved on-chain, voting will incur a normal transaction fee.
  • In the current system there is also what’s call a “final budget”, where a submission is manually made 2880 blocks prior to the Superblock for finalization. This final budget system is being removed.
  • Proposal submissions will end 2880 blocks prior to the Superblock to prevent last-minute proposals being submitted. Voting will also end 60 block prior to the Superblock.
  • For a proposal to pass, 60% of all votes on the proposal must be “yes” and the number of “yes” votes must be at least 25% the total number of Service Nodes participating in voting.
  • Transaction fees will be paid out to stakers instead of being burnt to further incentivize staking.

Summary of changes:

  • Snode collateral requires 5k address instead of 5k input
  • On-chain voting
  • Voting fee (normal tx fee)
  • Proposal submission ends 2880 blocks prior to Superblock
  • Voting ends 60 blocks prior to Superblock
  • Remove final budget
  • Proposal passing criteria (see above)
  • Transaction fees will be paid out instead of being burnt


Does this mean that you can run a node while also being able to utilize staking with that 5k block?


That’s correct, you can read more about that here: