Proposal Name: aderks-1728000
Voting: vote 8dc55ef02da25a8b637cb660b6754ef503d7cba8abb6b7a6c6dee6e730c92f05 yes
Owner: aderks
Cost: 1052 BLOCK

Previous Work:

  • Please see previous forum posts on past work: Operations Team 1382400 for example.
  • DM me for any other questions on my past contributions


Backpay for September/October:

  • Test, debug eth_passthrough through the exr-eth-webserver
  • Provided feedback on issues and fixes that needed to be done for Infura URL replacement
  • Coded, tested a fix for supporting batch payload requests as Infura does (
  • Tested multiple iterations of the drop-in URL Infura replacement on a real project to ensure compatibility. Had to setup a separate dev env to test on the project utilizing the URL replacement.


Roughly ~25hrs of my time for both sections of work completed. $45/hr = $1125.
Using Bittrex rate at time of writing at $1.08/BLOCK.

Total = 1042 BLOCK + 10 BLOCK (submission fee) = 1052 BLOCK