Proposal Name: aderks-1771200
Voting: vote b5881f1a66daf591140f86d7706748254c35f2f7c60c57c14ab0a052fc3554ac yes
Owner: aderks
Cost: 672 BLOCK

Previous Work:

  • Please see previous forum posts on past work: Operations Team 1382400 for example.
  • DM me for any other questions on my past contributions



Implemented Hydra on Oracle Miner’s infrastructure. The product is live and working! Head to the pricing section on to see it in action!

Status pages are also available for Project-ID’s, using the eth-payment-processor-api as the backend. See example here:

Roughly ~20hrs of my time for the work completed. $45/hr = $900.
Using Bittrex rate at time of writing at $1.36/BLOCK.

Total = 662 BLOCK + 10 BLOCK (submission fee) = 672 BLOCK