Proposal Name: aderks-950400
Owner: aderks
Cost: 1000
Voting: Vote via the proposal section in the Blocknet wallet

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To continue working with the UAT/Integrations/QA team for the month of June.

Previous Work

Aderks Superblock Proposal to view background info and my previous work.

May Tasks

  • XRouter QA:

    • Release Candidate QA/testing
    • Fix for Connection issues
    • Fix for Console lockup
    • Fix for Fetchlimit/timeout to show in SPV configs
  • BlockDX QA:

    • Finished finding 1st round of issues on Block DX Auto Setup V2 with Hanni, Fattox,86b. Confirmed/added Lucien’s findings from our community DX testing.
    • Further multi-rounds of QA Block DX Setup V2 fixes
    • Spread sync/rounding issues
  • Coin Integrations QA:

    • GitHub confs/manifest creation with the above coins
    • SCN wallet bump testing / manifest update
  • Docker Images QA:

    • Started QA on XWallet images
  • Blocknet QT wallet QA:

    • Started QA on Feature: Coin control in tools menu
  • Created 16 XCloud plugins that can be used on main-net for free:

    • CryptoCompare various pricing/volume info
    • Current weather data
    • Currency exchange rates and world currency list
    • Global stock price/volume info & global stock ticker search
    • 4chan board searcher, board viewer, thread viewer, thread viewer w/ price
    • TwilioSendSMS (small fee to reduce requests)
  • Setup Decred, Horizen, Bitbay, XST, BitcoinCash on XRouter

  • Research other API’s and attempt new XCloud plugins to showcase XCloud

  • Rough draft on creating XCloud services & Docker setup/usage

  • Forum posts for XCloud services

SuperBlock On-going Contributions/Daily Tasks:

  • General support services
  • Assist Hanni, 86b, Fattox w/ any on-going tasks at hand
  • Bug reporting, error tracking, logging
  • Collaboration with other projects/teams (maintaining relationships, project updates with project delegates)
  • New coin integration process
  • Current integrated projects on-going QA w/ new version releases
  • Create/update coin configuration entries to new JSON format
  • Genesis testing
  • Testing various exploits and one off situations (XBridge/XRouter)
  • Blocknet wallet (classic/re-design) Windows testing/QA
  • XBridge testing/QA
  • XRouter testing/QA
  • XCloud testing/QA
  • Block DX UI Windows testing/QA
  • Block DX Makerbot testing/QA/guide
  • Assist Hanni with some of the document portal items ranging from guides to API outputs
  • Dev support
  • Assist UAT with coin announcements and on-going related communcations

Related Non-Deliverables:

  • Time spent building/maintaining/housing server for testing purposes (self-funded, including monthly bills)
  • Upgrade main workstation to handle testing requirements (self-funded)
  • Learning/expanding on: Github, Markdown, Python, Docker, Networking, Bash
  • Discord chats


  • Continue with Dev support on any new features/fixes for XBridge, XRouter, XCloud

    • Ready for QA: Bitcoin v0.18 changes to xbridge, dxGetOrderbook QA
  • Continue with Dev support on QT wallet, Block DX updates

  • QA/Integration of group 2 coins

  • QA new versions of currently supported wallets

  • Start to clean up and finalize XCloud documentation

  • Continue with daily tasks


  • 1000 BLOCK (Based off of current $3/BLOCK and reduction due to vacation)

  • Feel free to ask me publicly or in DM what I am currently working on