Proposal Name: aderks-ops-1209600
Owner: aderks
Cost: 1667 BLOCK
Voting: Vote through the Proposal section in the wallet
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To continue working with the Ops team for the month of Decemeber.


I’ve been around since the inception of Blocknet in 2014 (Blocknet’s ITO) but did not start contributing until I saw a need in 2017. The first moment where I knew I was hooked on helping the project was when Dan asked for volunteers to help test a trade on the DX.

November Work:

  • Block DX QA:

    • Market pricing default on
    • Wallet setting text update
    • Custom data directory support
    • Data directory remembering
    • Conf loading error notification
    • Clear cancelled order button
    • Active/Inactive ? tool-tip
    • DX 1.5.0 Release
    • 1st iteration of localization for Block DX
      • Created a list of all items missing for localization
    • Market pricing name update
  • Blocknet Core / V18 upgrade QA:

    • Re-design integration QA
    • V18 Data dir and executable name changes
    • V18 Classic/Re-design re-naming
      • Created list of remaining items needing name changes
      • Checked the fixes
    • V18 wallet sending error
    • V18 segwit testing
    • V18 re-design governance
    • V18 governance started edge-cases/battle testing
    • 3.14.1 Release
      • Relaying between 3.14.1 and V18
  • Block DX website QA:

    • General QA checks on different devices for Hanni
  • New Service Node and Governance documentation

    • V18 Service Node setup documentation for classic and re-design
    • V18 Governance setup documentation for classic and re-design
  • XRproxy Docker container QA:

    • Fattox and myself found a bug on sending XCloud data parameters
    • Testing and setup working HTTP requests from the internet
  • Ethereum web-server updated

    • Built Ethereum web-server for the sole purpose of running through the XRproxy Docker container (
    • Created Dockerfile and template configuration files
    • Created setup instructions
    • Updated setup info to allow public HTTP access
    • Updated Dockerfile and script to support Ethereum RPC endpoint changes (including Infura) on docker build or docker run
  • Discord Blocknet-API bot

    • Updated to v1.2.5 to fix a bug causing crashes
    • General maintenance
  • Other

    • Getting setup on a Kubernetes cluster for my ETH web-server/XRproxy


  • 1667 BLOCK

    • 20% pay reduction due to unforeseen circumstances where I was out of town for 6 days
    • SB payout calculated using $1 USD/BLOCK
  • Feel free to ask me publicly or in DM what I am currently working on