Proposal Name: aderks-ops-1252800
Owner: aderks
Cost: 1667 BLOCK
Voting: mnbudget vote f734a5da3a58a7542046d9299a0d4e73603cc878bf40352ab6f1ae89558dcc2d yes/no


To continue working with the Ops team for the month of January.


I’ve been around since the inception of Blocknet in 2014 (Blocknet’s ITO) but did not start contributing until I saw a need in 2017. The first moment where I knew I was hooked on helping the project was when Dan asked for volunteers to help test a trade on the DX.

December Work:

  • Block DX QA:

    • Finished localization QA (except for Order Form window)
    • dxGetNewTokenAddress integration (auto-create addresses)
    • 1st QA run through of dxGetNewTokenAddress button
    • 1st QA run through of CloudChains Litewallet config wizard support
  • Blocknet Core / V18 upgrade QA:

    • V18 governance edgecases/battle testing
    • V18 main-net testing:
      • Windows staking
      • Staking edgecases
      • Mainnet servicenode setup
      • Servicenode registration fixes
      • Feature to re-register snode on client restart
      • Mainnet XRouter/XCloud/XBridge
      • XRproxy container
      • Win & Linux classic=1
      • Fee rate estimation fixes
      • General bug fixes for future RC
    • Dev support gearing up for release
  • Documentation

    • Mainnet client screenshots for Service Node and Governance docs
    • Finalizing some questions for Service Node and Governance docs
    • Compiled screenshots for Hanni
  • XCloud API Documentation Portal

    • Progress can be viewed here: (link is subject to change as this is still in the developing stage)
      • Note: Blockchain and Oracle API calls will be separated on different pages
    • Blockchain XCloud API calls
    • Oracle XCloud API calls
    • Rough implementation, still need to QA, proof read, re-organize pages.
    • TO DO:
      • Finish Blockchain API calls
      • Intro page
      • Setup page
      • Paying for HTTP requests instructions
      • GitHub for 3rd party operators to submit their supported calls


  • 1667 BLOCK

    • 20% pay reduction due to less time being online because of the holidays
    • SB payout calculated using $1 USD/BLOCK
  • Feel free to ask me publicly or in DM what I am currently working on