Aderks Superblock Proposal



Proposal Name: aderks-907200
Owner: aderks
Cost: 1750
Voting: Vote via the proposal section in the Blocknet wallet

mnbudget vote a3973987ae2677dea36cff0f82e0f0e9e0ed83c8891ec0ec9559efe871b5c3bf yes/no


To continue working with the UAT/Integrations/QA team for the month of May.


I’ve been around since the inception of Blocknet in 2014 (Blocknet’s ITO) but did not start contributing until I saw a need in 2017. The first moment where I knew I was hooked on helping the project was when Dan asked for volunteers to help test a trade on the DX.

Past Non-Superblock Volunteered Contributions:

  • April 2017 - Testing early stage DX trades w/ atcsecure and recording the process: (posted by a community member at the time)

  • July 2017 - Created and maintained the blocknet-docs repo where guides and resources were created:

  • July 2017 - Befriending and working closely with 86b we began working on Coin Integrations. With no prior experience on how XBridge worked we dissected the process and upon many frustrating very late nights (early mornings) we successfully integrated our first coin. To this date Integrations has successfully integrated 144 coins and has 263 other coins in various stages of integration.

  • Sept 2017 - Blocknet hard-fork fund verification w/ atcsecure

  • Sept 2017 - Early stage servicenode, staking, trading guides/support

Superblock On-going Contributions/Daily Tasks:

  • General support services
  • Assist Hanni, 86b, Fattox w/ any on-going tasks at hand
  • Bug reporting, error tracking, logging
  • Collaboration with other projects/teams (maintaining relationships, project updates with project delegates)
  • New coin integration process
  • Current integrated projects on-going QA w/ new version releases
  • Create/update coin configuration entries to new JSON format
  • Genesis testing
  • Testing various exploits and one off situations (XBridge/XRouter)
  • Blocknet wallet (classic/re-design) Windows testing/QA
  • XBridge testing/QA
  • XRouter testing/QA
  • XCloud testing/QA
  • Block DX UI Windows testing/QA
  • Block DX Makerbot testing/QA/guide
  • Assist Hanni with some of the document portal items ranging from guides to API outputs
  • Dev support
  • Assist UAT with coin announcements and on-going related communications

Related Non-Deliverables:

  • Time spent building/maintaining/housing server for testing purposes (self-funded, including monthly bills)
  • Upgrade main workstation to handle testing requirements (self-funded)
  • Learning/expanding on: Github, Markdown, Python, Docker, Networking, Bash
  • Discord chats

Past Month

  • Heavy focus on XRouter Beta QA’ing new features/fixes/general testing/test case scenarios;

  • Setup Docker and created Docker SYS XCloud Services for testing and potential video material

  • Created custom plugins to showcase XRouter/XCloud (eg. Weather XCloud plugin)

  • Created rough draft of Windows VM Docker/XCloud installation setup

  • QA Blocknet core wallet fixes/updates/stability

  • Added new requested coins into que for integration

  • QA’d Bitsend, DogeCash, BitcoinZero, Zest, BiFrost, Cryptonodes, SUB1X before announcement

  • Started QA on Block DX Auto Setup V2

  • Daily on-going tasks


  • Continue testing XRouter/XCloud features and corresponding reported bugs, fixes, connection optimization

  • Provide support for Service Node operators on configuring XRouter

  • Continue to QA Block DX Auto Setup V2 and any future QA items

  • Continue daily tasks


  • 1750 BLOCK

  • Pay reduced due to vacation at end of the month/early June

  • Feel free to ask me publicly or in DM what I am currently working on