Proposal Name:

RedBaron as @RedBaron#3460 on discord

4500 BLOCK for Month 1 development

Voting :

vote a26a189806330194a4e390a1a96825db9829f8cc5222728670f5b2ccc6ae5111 yes

Previous Work:
Our UI/UX output can be seen in our design, which can be found in our proposal outline here:

AirLock by Blocknet - Superblock Proposal 1

Dear Blocknet Community This is what we’ve all been waiting for! We believe in our work and want to give you, the community, the choice to fund it or to fund the other team’s more recent effort.


  • Design team is not asking for a fee; only dev work required.
  • Cost: Only 4500 BLOCK required for development per month!
  • Desktop & Mobile Products will be released in Month 1!
  • We know where we are going. A clear roadmap is included, right up to the release of the mature product.
  • A well-refined UI/UX is already available right up until the mature product.
  • Prototypes are viewable in above link.