Arlyn to attend blockchain conferences


Proposal – Crypto conferences and other public events

Proposal name: Arlyn_to_attend_blockchain_conferences
Owner: Arlyn Culwick
Amount: 800 BLOCK
Vote command: vote 39dc68b9f30cd91f5afa45cc77a1fce5b09cd3f6103af55c355a6f9c959ef2ce yes

This proposal is to attend the best and most reputable crypto conferences in the industry. With the COVID-related shutdown of crypto conferences coming to an end, it is time to resume this area of activity - and to attend worthwhile virtual conferences too.

Update: due to a helpful suggestion being made in community discussions, this proposal will additionally be used to fund YouTube interviews, podcasts, and other public events, not just conferences.

The problem this proposal solves

The Blocknet has a critical need to increase its public visibility, its developer engagement and business networking presence. By attending (and speaking at) key events, our impact can be maximised with minimal budgetary impact.

Relatedly, our marketing budget is small, and so it is extremely difficult to give the Blocknet a prominent public presence against much larger and better-funded projects. But when speaking and participating in major blockchain events, Blocknet can get high profile exposure, and it can reach the right people.

By speaking at events and by getting to personally know key people in the industry, our message about how blockchain interoperability is best approached, the need for an open and chain-agnostic interchain, and the disruptive potential of XRouter can reach the audience that matters most: crypto developers and project leads.

Moreover, when our presentations are recorded, they become assets that can support further activities for the indefinite future.

Arlyn chairs a panel at EthBerlin in August 2019, featuring Sunny Agarwal (Cosmos), Igor Barinov (POA/xDAI) and Matt Luongo (tBTC).


Conferences are opportunities to

  1. Build relationships with key people,

  2. To build a common understanding of the interchain that avoids centralization around one blockchain.

  3. They cement the Blocknet’s standing alongside the big “interoperability” projects.

  4. They also can lead to (unplannable) things like this whiteboard session, which build relationships and strengthen the Blocknet’s credibility amongst the brightest minds in the space.


This proposal is to fund only expenses, with no salary or other financial compensation. Expenses include flights, hotels, and attendance fees.

Moreover, event attendance is an ongoing activity, and so it can be funded through small monthly proposals, rather than a single burdensome proposal.

Costs are roughly as follows:

  • Flights: $800-$1000.
  • Accommodation: $120/night (length varies depending on the conference, but it is usually 3 or 4 nights for Europe, and 5 or 6 for the US to due to jetlag).
  • Attendance: variable (usually free for reputable speaking engagements).

Cost to superblock: 800 BLOCK per month - though this should become intermittent (not every month) after a threshold is reached that is sufficient to attend several events.

Planned attendance

The following events are planned at present. The list can be adjusted (suggestions welcome!):

  1. Web3 Summit [January 2021]
  2. ZCon2 - ZCash Foundation [June 2021] - proposed paper: zk proofs on the interchain
  3. Cryptovalley (June 2021) - paper: the interchain is the decentralized API ecosystem
  4. Web3 Summit - paper: XRouter: solving the Web 3 monetisation problem
  5. EthBerlin: main stage presentation. [Sept 2021]
  6. DappCon 2021: presentation
  7. DevCon 6: presentation: “XRouter: the decentralized Infura” [Sept/Oct 2021]
  8. IEEE ICBC (International Conference on Blockchain and Cryptocurrency) - Paper on interchain standards [Dec 2021]

Funding address

The address that will receive funds is BrCzXLmS8ov411DjoCdnDr18uctTTvwoqV.

Note: it is already holding payments from previous months that this proposal was voted for.


Last year, Arlyn attended EthBerlin, and in addition to giving a presentation, he chaired a panel debate on the interchain, which was arranged to feature founders from Cosmos, Polkadot, POA, Keep, and of course the Blocknet. He also attended DevCon in Prague and a high level EU interoperability panel in Brussels.

Some videos

“The Interchain Cometh!” - Arlyn’s 2019 EthBerlin presentation

Founder of Blocknet Speaks: The Crypto Space is Now at a Critical Point

Arlyn Culwick on Blockchain interoperability at the Blockchain Expo North America

Crypto Beagles’ interview