ATC documentary-video


Proposal Name: atc-doc-video-907200
Owner: atcsecure
Cost: $14k USD, 7000 Block
Voting: mnbudget vote ef326aaf035473513cf06dcdc400fc7b8d75821d6506802b8031dd4140cc8911 [yes/no]

Previous Work: n/a

Overview: This is an opportunity to get professional marketing video about Blocknets XBridge and XRouter tech. stack, and cloudchain’s lite multi-wallet through an educational commercial which would be aired on Public/Cable TV. The $14k represents half of the total cost, the other half would be paid by Cloudchains.

The segment will be broadcast once primetime in over 84 million homes
via MSNBC, CNBC, CNN or an equivalent network. The educational commercial segment will also air 400 times
in many of the top 100 Direct Marketing Areas during peak and prime time on networks such as CNBC, The
Learning Channel, Discovery Channel, or equivalent networks (a media schedule will be set in advance to
guarantee these spots and post airing affidavits (proof of airing) will be provided following the airings).


As part of the opportunity, we are allowed to keep and use the production video materials as we see fit