Proposal Name: attend-blockchain-conferences
Owner: mamaringo
Cost: 800 BLOCK
vote 87260e27ce029a1d5f312460dc4f7e708f67ab83ea702894a89185b40f1a5fff yes


The Blocknet is fortunate to have one of the best speakers on decentralization, interoperability, and the interchain —> ARLYN! This proposal is to have him attend the best and most reputable crypto conferences in the space.

Conferences are opportunities to (a) build relationships with key people, and (b) to build a common understanding of the interchain that avoids centralization around one blockchain. © They cement the Blocknet’s standing alongside the big “interoperability” projects. (d) They also can lead to (unplannable) things like this whiteboard session, which build relationships and strengthen Blocknet’s credibility amongst the brightest influencers in the space.

Blocknet’s marketing effort is very small and so it is extremely difficult to give it a prominent public presence against much larger and better-funded projects. But when speaking and participating in major blockchain events, Blocknet will get very high exposure, and to the right people.

Last year, Arlyn attended EthBerlin, and in addition to giving a presentation, he chaired a panel debate on the interchain, which was arranged to feature founders from Cosmos, Polkadot, POA, Keep, and of course the Blocknet.

I believe this is one of the better ways to let the voices of Blocknet be heard, and so this is a proposal to fund Arlyn’s attending and speaking at several conferences per year.

Arlyn does not want any money for the time he uses on this! He only would like his expenses for the trips covered, like flights, hotels, and attendance fees. In general, the flights will be the most costly thing, which makes everything predictable: flights: $800-$1000; accommodation: $120/night (3 or 4 nights for Europe, 5 or 6 for the US to get over jetlag).

My proposal is for Arlyn to attend these 6 blockchain events (which Arlyn has handpicked):

  1. EthBerlin: main stage presentation. [Sept 2020]

  2. DevCon 6: presentation: “XRouter: the decentralized Infura” [Sept/Oct 2020]

  3. IEEE ICBC (International Conference on Blockchain and Cryptocurrency) -

  4. Paper on interchain standards [submission date: Dec 2020]

  5. ZCon2 - ZCash Foundation [June 2021] - proposed paper: zk proofs on the interchain

  6. Cryptovalley (June 2021) - paper: the interchain is the decentralized API ecosystem

  7. Web3 Summit - paper: XRouter: solving the Web 3 monetisation problem

Estimated cost: $10806

Since there is no hurry, there is no need to avoid putting pressure on the superblock system. I propose to fund this over about 12 months, costing at most 800 BLOCK per month, or less if the superblock is full.

I have checked the superblock usage this month, and currently there is enough space for this proposal, so it won’t be in competition with any other proposals.

Arlyn will receive the funds, not me. The address that will receive funds is BrCzXLmS8ov411DjoCdnDr18uctTTvwoqV. Note: it is already holding payments from previous months that this proposal was voted for.

If there are excess funds, Arlyn will put them in a public address and keep them for later events. If the price of BLOCK goes lower, then we will have opportunity to top up the funds with more BLOCK, to enable him to attend all the conferences.

Really hope the service nodes will back up my proposal and vote yes! Together we stand stronger!

Some videos of Arlyn

“The Interchain Cometh!” - Arlyn’s 2019 EthBerlin presentation:

Founder of Blocknet Speaks: The Crypto Space is Now at a Critical Point:

Arlyn Culwick speaking on Blockchain interoperability at the Blockchain Expo North America, November 28th 2018 and taking questions from the Audience.

Crypto Beagles’ interview:


Is there any reason why Arlyn isn’t applying for his own proposal? you know the whole 3rd party intermediaries and all…
Also any idea of when the conferences are? with consideration to the current “health climate COVID-19” internationally conferences aren’t likely to be a ‘thing’ for some time to come.