Proposal Name : bizdev-1080000
Owner : Mastermind | @mastermind on Discord
Cost : 2500 BLOCK
Voting: Vote through the Proposal section in the wallet

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August Business Development Summary
We have added specific business use cases to the pitch deck which I believe will help potential partners wrap their heads around practical use cases for the technology. August is a slow month generally in the corporate space as many people are on holiday. I am continuing to reach out to potential partners and hope to see more traction during the month of September.

Current pipeline:
Banking Sector:
-We received positive feedback from the client from the initial call we had back in June. The client invited us to a second call scheduled for July 30th to speak with their FX team to explore a possible use case.
-We had our second call with the client on July 30th with their FX team to discuss using Blocknet XRouter functionality. The client inquired about viewing a demonstration of the protocol and the Blocknet development team is working to provide. Expected to get back to the client by mid-September with a demonstration.

Consulting Sector:
-The client has been out on vacation and I will follow up in early September to continue the discussion.
-Based upon the feedback we received from the last call, it sounds like even at the technical implementation provider level there are uncertainties/unknowns on how they could specifically apply the technology; therefore, we have revised the pitch deck to include specific business case scenarios for utilizing XRouter.

Background/Previous Work:
My background is primarily in technology and banking. In the past, I ran my own technology consulting company and created custom designed software solutions for my clients. I have been involved in Bitcoin since 2011 and have followed this incredibly dynamic industry ever since.

I currently work as an investment banker covering large corporate clients. My primary responsibility is generating new ideas for clients that would be profitable for the bank (business development) with ancillary responsibilities typical of every investment banker (credit and lending, financial analysis, raising capital, M&A, etc).

Blocknet has a niche, the tech, and an opportunity to take the lead in the interoperability space- but it is abundantly clear that this message has not gotten to the right decision makers at the right companies.

My initial targets will be global financial institutions (Citi/JPM/BAML/HSBC/DB/MS/GS/Standard Chartered/RBC/UBS/Barclays/etc.) and global consulting firms (Bain/McKinsey/Accenture/Boston/Booz Allen/PwC/EY/Deloitte/KPMG).

The rationale behind this strategy is that the top financial institutions and consultants both have the largest companies in the world as their clientele. Their role is to understand their client’s strategy and to help them execute on that strategy, which means they usually have a pretty good insight into what their clients want and what they might need to 1) generate more revenue 2) save time or 3) cut costs.

I have many connections within these companies/sectors and feel confident that I will be able to ignite interest in the project and land our first partnership as a result of my efforts.

The amount requested for this Superblock is a retainer to begin spending time contributing to this project for the month of September.


Have you got any proof of this?


Are you the same “Mastermind”, a.k.a. B.F. from Dash?
Can you elaborate on how many Blocknet servicenodes you control?


No I am not. I have one node.


Yes I collaborate with the core team who can verify if needed.