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September Business Development Summary
Continuing to have conversations in the financial services space with similar feedback that partners are interested but see no urgent need to implement right now. Some banks view this differently (possibly BofA +1 other at the moment) and those are the potential partners that I aim to continue to unearth.

Current pipeline:
Banking Sector:
-We received positive feedback from the client from the initial call we had back in June. The client invited us to a second call scheduled for July 30th to speak with their FX team to explore a possible use case.
-We had our second call with the client on July 30th with their FX team to discuss using Blocknet XRouter functionality. The client inquired about viewing a demonstration of the protocol and the Blocknet development team is working to provide. We are still pending a working demo of the protocol to get back to the client. Expected to get back to the client by with a demonstration in Q4.

-Initial conversation with BofA was positive with the team expressing interest in the project and technology. Continuing to follow up to schedule another call to discuss specific objectives and if blocknet is a possible solution.

Consulting Sector:
-No deals in pipeline currently

The amount requested for this Superblock is a retainer to begin spending time contributing to this project for the month of September.