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October Business Development Summary
After exploring opportunities for Blocknet within the financial services and consulting sector over the past few months, my take (and I think general consensus within the dev team) is that our chance of success in this realm -at the current moment- is challenging. While a partnership at the Fortune 100 level would definitely move the needle for the project, it would be more effective to focus efforts on targeting companies within the crypto sector for initial partnerships rather and score a few goals instead of aiming to win the world cup right off the bat.

The consistent piece of feedback that I received from different banks was that they saw no urgent need to pursue. There are companies interested in Blocknet, but did not have an immediate pressing need to implement the technology and I would not expect them to think about these solutions for probably at least another 6 months / 1 year from now.

I will continue to keep feelers out in the banking sector, but focus my efforts on the low hanging fruit within the crypto sector going forward at this time.

Current pipeline:
Crypto/Tech Sector:
-App development company possibly interested in integrating Blocknet API (SF)

Banking Sector:
-3 Banks to follow up with in Q1/Q2 2020