Block DX Dev 1468800


Proposal Name : blockdx-dev-1468800
Owner : 86b
Cost : 3000
Voting :

vote b239f39092f088e52bbce3ce63193e0696ef43c3aac5d0adac0de380818f28f6 yes

Overview :
Block DX requires continued javascript development, maintenance, and bug fixing. This work is being completed by a js developer that has been working with the team on Block DX since January 2018.

Tasks :

  • Combined price/depth chart (create a larger tabbed panel in preparation for TradingView)
  • Refund in progress notification
  • Unconnected wallet support (browse without any setup)
  • Revised auto litewallet setup
  • Partial order tasks
  • Research TradingView integration
  • Various bug fixing and other DX UI-related tasks as needed