Proposal Name: blockdx-dev-feb-20
Owner: hanniabu
Cost: 2500

mnbudget vote b06b2ef11723f0672739fc248013ff3e06c757fbeef14a0caa277a1db8dd918d yes

Block DX requires continued javascript development, maintenance, and bug fixing. This work is being completed by a js developer that has been working with the team on Block DX since January 2018.


  • Wrap up 1.6.0 release (contains updates for 4.0.0 wallet, localization integration, dxGetNewTokenAddress integration)
  • Review work on Litewallet auto setup
  • Additional misc bug fixes
  • We need to regroup and reprioritize tasks (part of the larger roadmap discussion), but the next task that will be started will likely be either order book filtering or verified asset indication