Blocknet faucet with twitter integration


CLOSED, project sold

Proposal Name : blocknet-faucet-twitter
Proposal hash : 9a9eb2f4b9e49139661f0dc2a16abafee5a40885cab942933372f51810e9f2a0
Voting : In QT wallet or on command line

Owner : phpxrom
Cost : 2000 BLOCK faucet development + 500 BLOCK initial faucet bank + 500 BLOCK faucet server cost for 1year +10 BLOCK proposal fee, total 3010 BLOCK

Overview :
I have created a Blocknet coin faucet with Twitter integration ( (live public testing version).

It provide rewards in $BLOCK by following @The_Blocknet twitter and post predefined tweets.
User connect their Twitter account, fill $BLOCK address, and then automatically follow + tweet. After all steps done, user receive reward in $BLOCK

Faucet in public live testing: (

All tweets are customizable and can advertise Blocknet hashtags or other ecosystem advantages.
This will help gain new user traction and overall good marketing for Blocknet ecosystem.


What happened to the bb002-automated-faucet bounty?

Was that not paid because the deliverable didn’t match the design specs?

Is this proposal seeking funds as well as or instead of the bounty?


This is independent project. My work for bounty was abandoned during not meeting requirements.


Project has been sold to @desac .