Blocknet Monitor


Proposal Name : blocknetmonitor
Proposal hash: a74afdd3d3a7aeffff8b32b9e81afc22bf967c7697956c4364a22115492cc30d
Voting: In QT wallet or on command line
Yes: blocknet-cli vote a74afdd3d3a7aeffff8b32b9e81afc22bf967c7697956c4364a22115492cc30d yes
No: blocknet-cli vote a74afdd3d3a7aeffff8b32b9e81afc22bf967c7697956c4364a22115492cc30d no
Owner : walkjivefly
Cost : 500 BLOCK +10 BLOCK proposal fee, total 510 BLOCK

Previous Work :

Overview :
I have created a visualisation tool for the Blocknet network at

It provides a simple way to visualise important aspects of the network, like proposals, servicenodes, open and closed trades etc… Some of the information is available elsewhere (eg: QT wallet, CLI, service explorer etc) but this tool attempts to present it in a consistent manner and all in one place.

Here are some sample screenshots.

I will probably add additional information and pages over time.


Nice to see Walkjivefly,

Obviously there will be ongoing costs to maintain hosting and any favourable updates. Can we expect the fee (currently circa $2000) to be repeated or this is for all work and costs involved in delivering the linked product?


I don’t think about the fiat value. I see it as a 10% boost towards a servicenode. This is basically a one-off reward for the work done so far, the ongoing hosting and maintenance.

If significant enhancements are requested/delivered I might seek additional funding but that’ll be on a case-by-case basis. I won’t be making a regular proposal to keep it operating.