Blocknet Monitor


Proposal Name : blocknetmonitor
Voting : tbd
Owner : walkjivefly
Cost : 500 BLOCK +10 BLOCK proposal fee, total 510 BLOCK

Previous Work :

Overview :
I have created a visualisation tool for the Blocknet network at

It provides a simple way to visualise important aspects of the network, like proposals, servicenodes, open and closed trades etc… Some of the information is available elsewhere (eg: QT wallet, CLI, service explorer etc) but this tool attempts to present it in a consistent manner and all in one place.

If the link above doesn’t work, the DNS changes are probably still propagating through the network. In which case here are some sample screenshots.

It’s too late for superblock 1857600 but if the draft receives favourable feedback and this proposal passes in 1900800, I will be adding additional information and more pages over time.