Blocknet Website Relaunch Proposal - Second Phase - 1512000


Proposal Name: Blocknet_Website_Relaunch_Proposal_Second_Phase
Owner: Shorn Keld
Cost: 3000
Voting: Vote from the wallet proposal screen

Previous work:

I built the BitBay website at, and also worked on the design and coding of the web marketplace at https:///

I also proposed and designed a new format for the blocknet email newsletter which, since being implemented, has seen the email ‘open rate’ increase by ~50%:

Some previous digital marketing work:


This proposal is for the relaunch of the website with a stronger focus on marketing and usability. By improving the user-flow, site navigation and content structure I aim to increase user-retention, lower the visitor ‘bounce rate’, increase the visitor engagement and improve the SEO content.

How I will be approaching this relaunch:

1. Research and Analysis
~~2. Wire-frame - desktop and mobile home page structure, 1 inner content page and site navigation. ~~
3. Create new sitemap
4. Community feedback
5. New Website Style guide - in progress
6. One page prototype Visual prototype for ‘Home’ and ‘Get Started’ pages - desktop and mobile - in progress
7. Community feedback
8. Prototype HTML build
9. Animations and Videos - re-use existing assets where possible (if more videos/graphics are required then a further proposal may be submitted)
10. Device testing
11. Apply new styles to the prototype
12. Device testing
13. Community feedback
14. Optimisations
15. Export static code to host on GitHub pages
16. Any other tasks as needed (Mailchimp, Google Analytics or Open Web Analytics plus any other integrations)

Items 1-4 are already completed and the visual styles and prototype are currently in progress (Tasks in the first phase generally take a bit longer than items in the second phase).

The list above is meant as an overview and as such is not exhaustive. There may be other sub-tasks to undertake as part of the relaunch process which will be done on a volunteer basis. The scope of this proposal does not include any content writing or translation work.

Cost Assessment:

Calculations for superblock payment: approx 30 block / hour based on current rate.

Total hours required for the project: 200 to be split 100 per superblock period.

Total for this second superblock period: 3000 Block (100 hours)

(I am available on discord to answer any questions about this proposal - @shorn#3406 )