Build Server Proposal 950400



Proposal Name: buildserver-cost-jun
Owner: michael
Cost: 230 BLOCK
Voting: Vote via the Proposal screen in the Blocknet wallet.

mnbudget vote 9948fd421a82445fd73410041383c5d22d2708d48e5bc52f89b7a966016d0103 yes

This build and test server is responsible for auto-generating all of the dev builds for Linux, Mac, Windows and is important for QA testing as well as for validating Blocknet’s code on github. It also allows the community to beta test our upcoming releases.


There are multiple proposals for physical/cloud servers. Would it be possible to get an inventory of what servers exist, where they are and what they’re used for?


This build server is a 16 core 32 thread physical server connected to a data center with a 1 Gbps pipe. It’s much cheaper than the equivalent cloud server, hence the reasons for dedicated hardware. This is the only server under this proposal.


Thank you. Is it rented hardware in the data centre or owned outright and just co-located?


Yes owned outright and just co-located


OK, cool. Thanks for the info.