Hello Community , as you know Blocknet nears release of 2 great pieces of tech thats been long anticipated . Xlite / Xrouter . After talking to Cointelegraph the nr.1 News Outlet in Crypto , I have managed to secure a Deal which come in the form of a ValuePackage Cointelegraph offered which consist of a 3 Article writing for The Blocknet and some more coverage over Cointelegraph recommendation widget . All of this was offered for 21k$ which is a good price, taken separately this would mean a little in excess of 30-35k$.

After talking with the team and seeing I get supported in this effort I offered to pay for this in advance . I have managed to liquidate BLOCK for Bitcoin OTC to a friend of mine for the price at the time of liquidation of .90c per BLOCK.

Now I have to recover these BLOCK coins , which I thought id do over the next 4 Months not to burden SB funding. Please show your support for this great cause to get the word out there about the tech.

Closing Note.
I don’t make any money or profit in any way out of this deal . just an upfront Pay that im supporting, to recover it in the months to come.

23 333Block - 15000Block already recovered = 8333 Block Remaining

2 more Articles to be published on Hydra.