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Last Month’s Contributions

  • Reverted XQuery to an earlier version which should run without memory leaks, albeit slower than the multi-container version. But even this slower version should be fast enough to work with Syscoin NEVM blockchain, which will allow us to meet the needs of the Pegasys project who are interested in using our XQuery service. This also included fixing several areas of code that were broken in the reversion, both in the XQuery repository and in the exrproxy-env repository.

  • Performed QA Testing of XQuery’s indexing of the Syscoin NEVM blockchain. Discovered a bug related to XQuery not waiting till Syscoin NEVM blockchain is fully synced before starting to try to index the blockchain. It was really a bug in the way NEVM chain implemented the eth_syncing method, but I figured out a way to work around the NEVM bug.

  • Fixed the above bug related to XQuery not waiting till Syscoin NEVM blockchain is fully synced before starting to try to index the blockchain.

  • Discovered and fixed an issue where the xquery-reverse-proxy image was broken by a new release of openresty/openresty:alpine-fat image.

  • Served as liaison for Multichain/Anyswap in getting them to bridge BLOCK coin to sysBLOCK - a tokenized version of BLOCK that lives on the Syscoin NEVM blockchain. Also helped investigate ways to quickly (and permanently) resolve the issue that Multichain bridging is currently offline due to the CloudChains backend API being offline. (Hint: We need redundancy & fault tolerance!)

  • Updated woefully out of date README file in XQuery repo

  • Improved the help message returned by XQuery /help endpoint - clarifying some important points w/ examples.

  • Tech Support in #support channel of Discord, and in Telegram

    Docs Portal

  • Added links to connect back and forth where useful between and
  • Added useful information about locking UTXOs in the Collateral Wallet setup guide. Specifically, added info about locking inputs before calling servicenodecreateinputs to prevent that method from withdrawing funds from pre-existing collateral addresses while setting up a new collateral address.

    API Docs Portal

    Finished with a major overhaul of the the API docs portal. That overhaul included adding up-to-date documentation on the Projects API, the XQuery API and the Hydra API for EXR SNodes. Check out the new API docs for Projects, XQuery & Hydra here.

Future planned Contributions to Blocknet

  • Debug and fix a recently discovered bug wherein XQuery seems to not be indexing all the transactions it should from the NEVM blockchain, and not indexing the same transactions from one XQuery deployment to another. :scream:
  • Add a resume feature to XQuery indexing so it will automatically resume indexing where it left off if it gets stopped or interrupted for any reason.
  • Convert the Projects API list_projects method to get_project_stats, since atcsecure pointed out the list_projects method is a security risk in its current form.
  • A few more updates to the API docs will be required once the specs for the new Payment Channel mechanism have been finalized.
  • Continue QA Testing/debugging/fixing of all new product releases, primarily focused on XQuery and the project/payment API.
  • Continue Supporting New Coin Integration & Coin Config update work

    Docs Portal

  • Generally keep the docs up to date with ongoing development.

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