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Last Month’s Contributions

  • Tech Support in #support channel of Discord, and in Telegram

  • Debugged an issue wherein XQuery was not indexing all the transactions it should from the NEVM blockchain (and other blockchains). The problem turned out to be caused by an attempt to filter which transactions are indexed based on the DEX/Router address with which the transaction is associated. The solution was to simply remove that filtering mechanism so that all transactions are indexed. There was some concern this solution would result in too much data being stored to the XQuery database, but by performing some tests on NEVM and AVAX blockchains I was able to verify this is not a valid concern.

  • With support from atcsecure, desac & uzrus, I was able to migrate the utxo-plugin and plugin-adapter services from their native kubernetes environment at Cloudchains to a pure docker environment which any Snode operator can easily deploy. These two services together enable an Snode to support the getutxos API call required by, and also by XLite backend API. I now have these two services running on my VPS, so the bridging between BLOCK and aaBLOCK can now use my VPS to make API calls to getutxos in the event the current Cloudchains API goes down, which it will at some point. In other words, we are no longer in danger of losing the ability to bridge BLOCK <=> aaBLOCK if Cloudchains getutxos API goes down.

  • Wrote a spec for @walkjivefly to use as he adds support for utxo-plugin and plugin-adapter deployment to the Snode builder tool.

    Docs Portal

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    API Docs Portal

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Future planned Contributions to Blocknet

  • Support @shorn and @NinjaDev in creating a backend API to the Blocknet network which can be used to fill in all the fields in the beautiful GUI interfaces @shorn has designed for XQuery/Hydra clients. I will write the Python code for that.

  • As needed, help @walkjivefly finish & test the Syscoin NEVM blockchain support he’s been adding to the Snode builder tool. Also support his work adding support for utxo-plugins & plugin-adapter deployment to the Snode builder tool. When this latter work is done, we can not only create a reliable, consensus based API to support’s bridging, but that same API can also serve as a reliable, consensus based XLite backend. This will then enable us to reactivate XLite! :partying_face::tada::confetti_ball:

  • Manage, and/or write the python code that’s needed on the SNode to support the Payment Channel Smart Contract written by NinjaDev.

  • Convert the Projects API list_projects method to get_project_stats, since atcsecure pointed out the list_projects method is a security risk in its current form.

  • Continue QA Testing/debugging/fixing of all new product releases, primarily focused on XQuery and the project/payment API.

  • Continue Supporting New Coin Integration & Coin Config update work

    API Docs Portal

  • Update API docs to reflect the proper way for an Snode client to cancel a Payment Channel and receive a refund for any API calls that were purchased but not used.

    Docs Portal

  • About a dozen minor updates to the Docs Portal, which have been accumulating on my list, will be made this month.

  • Generally keep the docs up to date with ongoing development.

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