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Last Month’s Contributions

  • Tech Support in #support channel of Discord, and in Telegram

  • Rented and set up a new, dedicated blocknet VPS to perform various utility functions, perhaps most importantly that of hosting the getutxos api required by for bridging BLOCK <=> aaBLOCK. This new server will also serve as one of the redundant backend api servers for XLite when we relaunch XLite, and probably a few other blocknet utility functions. Multichain was given this new api endpoint on 4 Aug, but they didn’t acknowledge receipt until 7 Aug. On 12 Aug, I got this message from the multichain dev: “We have switched to the new api. I was neglecting the change of requesting format. I will fix that soon.” So, we expect BLOCK <=> aaBLOCK bridging to be reactivated by multichain any day now, if it hasn’t been already.

  • Debugged and fixed the “502 Bad Gateway” error returned by xr_proxy on calls to xquery endpoint: http://<NODE-URL>/xrs/xquery/<PROJECT-ID>/indexer. (It turned out to be caused by a new release of the nginx server package which broke some of our code.) Fixing this allowed us to confirm @walkjivefly’s new feature-SYS branches were not the source of this error, which in turn allowed us to merge the feature-SYS branches into the master branches, and thereby allow SNode Operators to easily deploy XQuery v1 support for Syscoin NEVM blockchain.

  • Added SNode builder feature to cause SNodes to broadcast more detailed information about which EVM blockchains they support for Hydra and for XQuery. This will support the display of these details in @shorn’s new XQuery client UI.

  • Identified and fixed an issue where Hydra endpoint for ETH and NEVM chains required a “/” character at the end of the URL, which was unnecessary and potentially confusing to Hydra clients.

  • Provided technical guidance to Ninjadev for his development of the front end of the XQuery client UI.

  • 80% finished adding the get_project_stats method to the Projects api of xr_proxy. This new method will allow @shorn’s new XQuery client UI code to securely fetch all detailed information about a project that might be interesting to an XQuery (or Hydra) client. (list_projects method is also being removed as get_project_stats method is added.)

    Docs Portal

    [nothing last month]

    API Docs Portal

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Future planned Contributions to Blocknet

  • Support @shorn and @NinjaDev in creating a backend API to the Blocknet network which can be used to fill in all the fields in the beautiful GUI interfaces @shorn has designed for XQuery/Hydra clients. I am writing the Python code for that.

  • Add support for utxo-plugins & plugin-adapter deployment to the Snode builder tool. When this latter work is done, we can not only create a reliable, consensus based API to support’s bridging, but that same API can also serve as a reliable, consensus based XLite backend. This will then enable us to reactivate XLite! :partying_face::tada::confetti_ball:

  • Manage, and/or write the python code that’s needed on the SNode to support the Payment Channel Smart Contract written by NinjaDev.

  • Continue QA Testing/debugging/fixing of all new product releases, primarily focused on XQuery and the project/payment API.

  • Continue Supporting New Coin Integration & Coin Config update work

    API Docs Portal

  • Update API docs on get_project_stats method of Projects API

  • Update API docs to reflect the proper way for an Snode client to cancel a Payment Channel and receive a refund for any API calls that were purchased but not used.

    Docs Portal

  • About a dozen minor updates to the Docs Portal, which have been accumulating on my list.

  • Generally keep the docs up to date with ongoing development.

This proposal is for:

Amount (BLOCK) For
4000 80 hours @ 50 block / hr
190 rent of the new blocknet Contabo XL server (multichain + XLite backend api)
1000 reimburse me the USD $200 I paid to desac to help me debug the 404 Not Found error on Hydra endpoints which didn’t end in “/”, and also for having helped me previously with docker-compose noob issues
10 SB submission fee.

= 5200 block total.

Assuming a block price of USD $0.19 / block

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