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Past Contributions Prior to Last Month

Last Month’s Contributions

  • Provided extensive technical support in Discord #support channel
  • Performed QA testing and provided significant QA feedback
  • Created Architectural Diagram for Hydra & Enterprise XRouter
  • Within Docs Portal,
    • Updated instructions regarding the process of listing new coins on BlockDX
    • Corrected erroneous statements in Trading section about ORDER FORM Address Fields
    • Updated instructions on how to use XLite with BlockDX, including how to work around one known bug.
    • Fixed errors in Glossary (like changing all “UXTO” to “UTXO”), and clarified some Glossary definitions.
    • Added helpful special instructions for trading Goldcoin (GLC) on BlockDX
    • Added how to verify BlockDX download with SHA256
    • Added Warning about possible time delay on initial load of BlockDX Order Books
    • Lots of minor cleanups here and there of the whole docs portal

Future planned Contributions to Blocknet

Docs Portal

  • Add more details to instructions for contributing to the Docs Portal
  • Update BlockDX docs for Partial Orders (when they are available)
  • Update docs for submitting a SuperBlock proposal
  • Replace spreadsheets and graphs of BLOCK inflation, the links to which were broken when Hanni deleted them from his Google Drive
  • Explain in terms of UTXOs why BlockDX balance sometimes drops significantly when an order is placed. Also explain how to avoid this by splitting UTXOs.
  • Add explanation what to do when Error: “The specified transaction information is bad, please review.” and/or “Not enough coin inputs selected to cover this transaction.”
  • Add instructions what to do if wallet gets stuck syncing
  • Add instructions how to handle various BlockDX anomalous cases like, "Order Stuck Pending, Order Failed, Order Cancelled w/ funds not returned, etc…
  • Update SuperBlock schedule
  • Add instructions for setting up staking on a headless linux VPS
  • Generally keep the docs up to date with ongoing development.

This proposal is for 20 hours @ 20 BLOCK / hr +10 BLOCK submission fee = 410 BLOCK