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Past Contributions Prior to Last Month

Last Month’s Contributions

  • Provided extensive technical support in Blocknet Discord and Telegram support channels
  • Performed QA testing and provided significant QA feedback
  • Within Docs Portal,
    • Made XLite, Blocknet-qt & BlockDX installation instructions more "Bozo-Proof"
    • Removed references to non-existant download files in wallet intallation instructions
    • Added instructions for Backup/Restore of Blocknet wallet (there was nothing before)
    • Updated all links to Discord to point to new Discord server
    • Restored inflation data and charts, links to which had been broken
    • Added instructions to troubleshoot and fix wallet syncing issues like, “No Peers” and "Syncing Halts Unexpectedly."
    • Updated, simplified and clarified instructions for creating a SuperBlock Proposal
    • Added instructions on how new traders can acquire initial BLOCK
    • Clarified that Taker Fee must be paid from Blocknet core wallet; not from XLite
    • Added links to four Blocknet Network explorer, monitor & utility sites
    • Added information on HD wallets, including how to migrate to an HD wallet if you don’t have one already
    • Added instructions how to manually redeem funds lost in a failed BlockDX transaction

Future planned Contributions to Blocknet

Docs Portal

  • Add instructions how to Extract Private Keys from XLite using iancoleman technique to derive Private Keys from 12 word mnemonic passphrase
  • Add more details on how to test a new coin on BlockDX before submitting a PR for it
  • Add instructions for using Coin Control feature in Blocknet wallet
  • Add more details to instructions for contributing to the Docs Portal
  • Update BlockDX docs for Partial Orders (when they are available)
  • Explain in terms of UTXOs why BlockDX balance sometimes drops significantly when an order is placed. Also explain how to avoid this by splitting UTXOs.
  • Add explanation what to do when Error: “The specified transaction information is bad, please review.” and/or “Not enough coin inputs selected to cover this transaction.”
  • Add instructions how to handle various BlockDX anomalous cases like, “Order Stuck Pending”
  • Update SuperBlock schedule
  • Add instructions for setting up staking on a headless linux VPS
  • Generally keep the docs up to date with ongoing development.

This proposal is for 30 hours @ 15 BLOCK / hr +10 BLOCK submission fee = 460 BLOCK
(Using a BLOCK price of $2.26, which is the average price over the last 3 months.)

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