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Last Month’s Contributions

  • Provided technical support in Blocknet Discord and Telegram support channels
  • Performed QA testing and gave feedback on the tools being developed for simplified coin additions & updates, and also on tools for automated deployment of XQUERY, EXR & Hydra Service Nodes.
  • Assisted with various “Project Management” tasks, including writing and prioritizing detailed technical tasks for devs, reviewing the dev work, giving feedback to devs about details they need to change.

    Docs Portal

    • I didn’t push anything to the Docs Portal last month, but I’ve been preparing a list of changes to be pushed in the next week or so. These changes will primarily include details of how to set up and run XQUERY. They will also include more details on deploying and maintaining an EXR Service Node. They’ll also include details on how anyone can list a new coin on BlockDX (or update an existing coin’s configuration files), easily test the new/updated coin, then submit a Github Pull Request (PR) to have their coin added to the list of supported BlockDX coins.

Future planned Contributions to Blocknet

  • Continue QA Testing/debugging of all new product releases

    Docs Portal

  • Document how to set up and run the Avalanche Indexer (XQuery) on an SNode (This will actually be done through the SNode auto-deployment tools.)

  • Add final screenshot images to partial order trading instructions when partial-order-enabled BlockDX is released, then publish the instructions

  • Correct errors & update Blocknet API docs WRT Hydra API

  • Correct errors & update the README in Blocknet’s exrproxy-env repository

  • Update (or oversee the update of) the README in Blocknet’s blockchain-configuration-files repository

  • Update Listing Process to reference the new tools available for simplifying the listing of a new coin (and updating of configs for existing coins).

  • Generally keep the docs up to date with ongoing development.

This proposal is for 30 hours @ 15 BLOCK / hr + 10 BLOCK submission fee = 460 BLOCK
(Using a BLOCK price of USD $1.20, which is the average price over the last 3 months.)

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