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Last Month’s Contributions

  • Provided technical support in Blocknet Discord and Telegram support channels

  • Performed extensive QA testing and gave extensive QA feedback on the tools for automatic deployment of EXR (& Hydra) Service Nodes. I had intended to document the use of these SNode auto-deployment tools, but as I attempted to learn them in preparation for documenting them, I discovered they were incomplete and full of bugs. So, I ended up spending the last couple months doing QA testing and helping the devs complete & debug these tools. They are now 90% ready, and so are the docs on how to use them.

  • Signed up for a $50 / mo. external GETH archival node rental service, which I think will allow me to run a (limited bandwidth) Hydra SNode, which will in turn allow us to test ERC20 atomic swaps on XBridge when the ERC20 XBridge code is ready.

    Docs Portal

  • Added explanation of why available balance in BlockDX sometimes drops dramatically when making an order, and how to prevent it from happening by splitting inputs before making order

  • Clarified in VPS Staking guide that the same wallet.dat can be accessed on your local computer which is also staking on your VPS

  • Updated docs on BlockDX Trading to reflect the fact that addresses are now auto-generated in the ORDER FORM, and how to change the setting for that.

  • Added instructions to explain how to run a staking wallet and a service node wallet on the same computer

Future planned Contributions to Blocknet

Docs Portal

  • Finish documents for setting up EXR SNode & Hydra SNode using auto-deployment tools
  • Document how to set up and run the Avalanche Indexer on an SNode (This will actually be done through the SNode auto-deployment tools.)
  • Add final screenshot images to partial order trading instructions when partial-order-enabled BlockDX is released, then publish the instructions
  • Add instructions how to handle various BlockDX anomalous cases like, “Order Stuck Pending”
  • Add more details to instructions for contributing to the Docs Portal
  • Copy aBLOCK & aaBLOCK documentation into the main docs portal
  • Generally keep the docs up to date with ongoing development.

This proposal is for 40 hours @ 14 BLOCK / hr + reimbursement for 50 BLOCK expense incurred for GETH archival node rental + 10 BLOCK submission fee = 620 BLOCK
(Using a BLOCK price of USD $1.22, which is the average price over the last 3 months.)

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