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Last 2 Month’s Contributions

  • Provided technical support in Blocknet Discord and Telegram support channels

  • Performed QA testing and gave feedback on the tools for automatic deployment of EXR & Hydra Service Nodes.

    Docs Portal

  • Created guide for auto-deployment of EXR Service Node & Hydra.

  • Added Info. about using xrsendtransaction command to redeem coins stuck in a failed transaction.

  • Added Info how to access XLite coin daemons via RPC.

  • Added instructions in trading section on Clear All Order History, including Stuck Orders
    *Added warning about possible loss of funds if trading wallet goes offline in the middle of an atomic swap and doesn’t immediately come back online.

  • Added Info on orphaned stake hits

  • Clarified procedure for contributing to docs portal in docs portal Github

  • Added more tips about interacting with docker containers and their contents

  • Updated contributors to include Github IDs of all devs

  • Moved aBLOCK & aaBLOCK Gists to docs portal & updated both

Future planned Contributions to Blocknet

  • Continue QA Testing/debugging of new releases

    Docs Portal

  • Document how to set up and run the Avalanche Indexer (XQuery) on an SNode (This will actually be done through the SNode auto-deployment tools.)

  • Add final screenshot images to partial order trading instructions when partial-order-enabled BlockDX is released, then publish the instructions

  • Correct errors & update Blocknet API docs WRT Hydra API

  • Correct errors & update the README in Blocknet’s exrproxy-env repository

  • Update New Listing Process when we have the ability to build docker images for new coins

  • Generally keep the docs up to date with ongoing development.

This proposal is for 40 hours @ 15 BLOCK / hr + 10 BLOCK submission fee = 610 BLOCK
(Using a BLOCK price of USD $1.16, which is the average price over the last 3 months.)

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