Proposal Name : core-dev-1598400
Owner : atc
Cost : 25000 BLOCK
Voting :

vote 13a478bdc3bce4de7d5bbf8edc1e1d41c8daa54df3d517147d204c2d71d627b9 yes

This covers payments to existing dev’s with 7500 block set aside into the dev fund to ramp up the dev team. Short-term focus is on the LW UI

Previous Work:
Blocknet Core

  • Released Blocknet Comet v4.3.1
  • Fixed partial orders rounding errors
  • Coin Control tree view
  • Coin Control keyboard navigation added
  • New Balances screen
  • Address book improvements
  • Dashboard transaction list fixes
  • Support lowercase rpc calls

Litewallet UI

  • Created Dashboard screen
  • Created Portfolio screen
  • Created Send/Receive screens
  • Splash/Login screen
  • Dashboard and Portfolio chart widget
  • CloudChains daemon installer
  • Token manifest downloader
  • Data/RPC layer and unit tests

Goals/Directives for This SB:

  • LW UI
  • ERC20 Integration w/ required XBridge Updates
  • BlockDX Updates for partial-orders