Proposal Name : core-dev-1641600
Owner : atc
Cost : 23660 BLOCK
Voting :

vote 3bef626204e87b48aedc966927465e7ba8a4bcdfd2f265cf2d0c0fa46d158ecb yes

Core-DEV Proposal:

  • Covers development for Blocknet Core, XBridge, XRouter, LW UI

Completed Work for previous SB:

  • Litewallet UI

Goals/Directives for This SB:

  • ETH/ERC20 XBridge integration effort. The team will begin the process of integrating ETH and ERC20 frameworks into XBridge including updating XBridge to support the additional RPC calls required to communicate trades to the ETH network. Additionally, the team will be adding required security checks to support ETH/ERC20 tokens.
  • Block DX support for the latest XLite wallet
  • Block DX support for filtering trades by fees
  • XLite bug fixes and improvements (as directed by the team/community)