Proposal Name : core-dev-sb-1684800
Owner : atc
Cost : 23660 BLOCK
Voting :

vote 04aa5a428601b8b979a503e7d8969f9015c7560e06c0d4f0653ea15e6d03afa1 yes

Summary: Core Dev for next SB

Oct recap

  • XLite v0.9.0 public beta release
  • EXR infura environment in development
  • ETH/ERC20 integration ongoing (adding xbridge support)
  • Block DX arm support

Nov Development

  • XLite continued dev to MVP
  • Support ETH json-rpc calls on EXR
  • EXR infura environment to be released
  • ETH/ERC20 XBridge integration work
  • Block DX partial orders integration

Development Repositories for Review (private for now)