Core Development Proposal 1123200


Proposal Name: michael-dev-oct
Owner: michael
Cost: 14500 BLOCK
Voting: Vote through the Proposal section in the wallet

mnbudget vote a5fddd44e24bdcfa787a7adb1ef574a5ab3ed8fe27e9508241e167a1aaf70f81 yes

September recap
In September I implemented the staking protocol upgrade in the Blocknet 3.14.0 wallet release. The staking protocol upgrade successfully occurred on September 23 at 6pm UTC. The purpose of the upgrade was to improve the security of staking consensus algorithm and thwart stake grinding. I also helped release Blocknet wallet version 3.14.0 and Block DX version 1.4.0.
Regarding the new base chain, I completed the integration of XBridge, which can be reviewed here:
XRouter integration is in progress and I estimate that XRouter integration will be completed next week. The latest work on the new base chain can be reviewed here: and Testnet builds can be obtained here:

October Development Overview
The plan for the month of October is to complete all remaining tasks for the new base chain and wallet release. This includes completing the XRouter integration and Wallet Redesign UI integration into the new base chain. These updates will allow us to support enterprise customers and a reliable XRouter 1.0 release.

Core Development task summary:

  • New basechain implementation (COMPLETE)
  • PoS upgrade (COMPLETE)
  • Service Node system (COMPLETE)
  • Governance system (COMPLETE)
  • XBridge (COMPLETE)
  • XRouter, XCloud, Wallet Redesign integration (in progress)

Other tasks

  • Maintenance and bug fixing on existing products (XBridge, XRouter, XCloud, Block DX)

Upcoming XRouter tasks:

  • Nginx support
  • Blocknet Name Service
  • URL plugin type
  • XRouter c++ library
  • XRouter golang library