Core Development Proposal 1166400


Proposal Name: michael-dev-nov
Owner: michael
Cost: 13000 BLOCK
Voting: Vote through the Proposal section in the wallet

mnbudget vote e44a6b09152233a18663889357586359568d94584f0beda35582df852b11c22e yes

October recap
In October I completed the XRouter integration into the new basechain. Additionally, I improved XRouter and added support for external servers and data oracles paving the way for enterprises to build on top of the XRouter protocol without having the blockchain installed locally. This lastest work can be reviewed here: Wallet redesign integration is currently in progress, this is the final milestone in the base chain migration. The goal is to complete the redesign integration next week and begin final testing of the new chain in November. Testnet builds can be obtained here:

November Development Overview
The plan for the month of November is to release Blocknet 3.14.1 (legacy) and Blocknet 4.0.0 (new chain), release Block DX 1.5.0 and finish testing XBridge, XRouter, and general wallet functions.

Core Development task summary:

  • New basechain implementation (COMPLETE)
  • PoS upgrade (COMPLETE)
  • Service Node system (COMPLETE)
  • Governance system (COMPLETE)
  • XBridge (COMPLETE)
  • XRouter, XCloud (COMPLETE)
  • Wallet Redesign integration (in progress)

Other tasks

  • Maintenance and bug fixing on existing products (XBridge, XRouter, XCloud, Block DX)

Upcoming XRouter tasks:

  • Nginx support (COMPLETE)
  • URL plugin type (COMPLETE)
  • Blocknet Name Service
  • XRouter c++ library
  • XRouter golang library