Core Development Proposal 1382400


Proposal Name: michael-dev-apr
Owner: michael
Cost: 14500 BLOCK
Voting: Vote via the Proposal screen in the wallet (v4 has a new vote command)

vote 6cbb9f85b128212f0088114b236176a872b776d98573f7cf196b32978acc3436 yes

March recap
Released Blocknet Comet 4.1 on March 13th! The first half of March has been dedicated to completing the many bug fixes and improvements included in the 4.1 release. Here’s a summary of what I worked on during the past several weeks:

  • Service node list protocol
  • Improved staking (including new staking protocol)
  • Improved service node registration
  • New service node screen
  • New proposal voting screen (vote on multiple proposals at once)
  • Added voting input to servicenodecreateinputs rpc
  • Unlock wallet from the top menu
  • Fixed headers syncing screen and top progress bar
  • Support casting votes from a specific address
  • Add proposal status to listproposals rpc
  • Improved XRouter ETH calls and Enterprise XRouter Proxy
  • New lowmemoryload=1 config option for RPi devices (swap may be required)
  • XBridge trading bug fixes, including improved locktime checks (New XBridge protocol version 52)

Review progress in these branches:

Test builds for the Blocknet 4.1 release can be obtained here:

April Development Overview
I will be dedicating time to several large development efforts in March/April. First, I have added the service node list protocol upgrade that will allow XRouter libraries to pull the services list on demand. I’m continuing to build out the C++ and GoLang libraries. I have been continuing development on the Enterprise XRouter Proxy (v0.6.2). This will support high traffic service node operators. Second, I will be improving XBridge and Block DX trading. There’s currently some important features that are needed, e.g. supporting persistent storage of orders. This will allow clients to better recover orders after crashes or inadvertently shutdowns. Regarding task priorities, the core team will be providing insight on priorities, especially XBridge and Block DX related. As a result some of my listed tasks may change accordingly.

Current tasks

  • XRouter C++/GoLang libraries
  • XBridge persistent storage
  • Enterprise XRouter Proxy
  • Bug fixes and optimizations

Other tasks

  • Maintenance and bug fixes on Blocknet products (XBridge, XRouter, XCloud, Block DX)

Upcoming XRouter tasks:

  • Blocknet Name Service (XRouter DNS)